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League of Women Voters of Boulder County
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Upcoming Changes

Membership System for national, state, and local leagues

What we know so far

In 2025, LWVUS will be implementing a new membership system with the following goals:

  • Expand and diversify membership by eliminating financial barriers to participation 
  • Adjust division of dues among national, state, and local chapters to increase funding of state-level leagues where most voting rights advocacy takes place
  • Simplify the process  of joining the League or renewing
  • Streamline administrative efforts at all levels

What does this mean to you?

  • Currently our annual dues are $80.  In 2025, we will be moving to a variable dues amount, with a recommended rate of $75.
  • You will be able to set up auto-renewal of your membership.
  • Many members add a donation to their $80 dues when joining or renewing.  Currently,  the amount over $80 goes directly to our local league.  In 2025, the entire amount paid at joining or renewal  will be distributed among the local, state, and national leagues
  • You will still be able to donate directly to our local league on the Donations page of our web site.
  • There may be portions of your dues that will not be tax-exempt, but donations to our local league will remain tax-exempt.