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Our Leaders

LWVBC Board of Directors 2019-2020

    Co-President, Community Engagement: Peggy Leech
    Co-President, Administration: Susan Saunders
    1st Vice President/Membership: Debby Vink 
    2nd Vice President/Action: Mary Ann Wilner
    Secretary: Molly Saunders 
    Treasurer: Pat Long 

   Action: Mary Ann Wilner 
   Communications: Elizabeth Crowe
   Fund Development: Anne Bryan
   Membership: Debby Vink
   Voter Service: Jeanine Pow
   Youth Engagement: Shiquita Yarbrough

VOTER Newsletter Editor
   Jennifer Bales

Administrative Assistant

   Amanda P Nuku 

Issue Team Leaders / Co-Leaders

   Money in Politics Team: Carolyn Elliott
   National Popular Vote: Peggy Leech and Holly Monkman (co-leaders),
             Ruth Stemler, and Elizabeth Crowe
   Schools Team: Linda Hultman
   Social Policy Team: Angie Layton
   Voting Methods Team: Celeste Landry and Gaythia Weis