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Planning Meetings

Join us for our annual 'Issues for Action' Planning Meetings
(formerly Program Planning)

From co-president Peggy Leech to LWVBC members:
We will address national and local League positions and action. This is a grassroots effort—we want to hear from YOU about what our League should be working on, and what YOU are willing to help with. This is where it all starts: with members providing direction for the League’s agenda.

This year, we review
     •  the LWVBC in the 2020–2021 League year
     •  the LWVCO in the second year of the 2019-2021 biennium
     •  the LWVUS in the 2020–2022 biennium

LWVUS board recommendations
Our LWVUS board seeks member support for the following recommendations:
1. Continuing focus on the Making Democracy Work® campaign, with emphasis on
    • Redistricting  • Voting Rights  • Improving Elections  • Money in Politics.

2. Member concurrence on a new position on Voter Representation / Electoral Systems
(what we in Colorado call Voting Methods). 
Looking ahead
In June 2020, Colorado's local and state League leaders will meet at LWVCO Council to talk about statewide activities.

After our planning meetings
Suggestions from members will be reviewed by our LWBC Board of Directors.

At our Annual Meeting in the spring, LWVBC members will discuss the board's recommendations and adopt our local issues for action for 2020–2021.

Our board sends our LWVUS program recommendations to the LWVUS Board of Directors. In June 2020, delegates to our National League Convention will consider the recommendations from Leagues in the U.S. and adopt the national program for action for 2020–2022.

Meetings will be held on

 •Thursday afternoon, Feb 6, in Boulder, and

 • Tuesday evening, Feb 11, in Lafayette.

See the Event Calendar (in the Events menu) for details

Read our Boulder County positions here 
or in your Member Handbook.
Read our LWVCO positions here
  (scroll down to Positions)

Read LWVUS positions in full here
 (scroll down to Download PDF)