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Still Defending the Right to Vote

Wylecia Wiggs Harris, LWVUS CEO  | Published on 6/24/2017

For nearly a century ...

Four years ago tomorrow, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed one of America’s greatest strides towards civil rights and true democracy for all when it struck down the anti-discrimination provisions that lie at the heart of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

As soon as the Shelby v Holder decision was announced, the League warned that states would use it to pass some of the worst voter suppression laws since the days of Jim Crow—and that is exactly what has happened.

Discriminatory voter photo ID requirements. Restrictions on early voting. Fewer and more crowded polling locations in underrepresented communities.

The assault on our voting rights has been unceasing and relentless.

In last year’s election, 10 states enforced outrageous new voter suppression laws deliberately designed to make it harder to vote.

In Congress, the League is supporting the Voting Rights Advancement Act, H.R. 2978, , which provides federal protections against discrimination and counters new voter suppression tactics in states across the country.

At the grassroots level, we are going on the offense by expanding voter registration and outreach efforts in underrepresented communities and winning battles to enhance voters’ access to the polls.

For nearly a century, the League has fought to defend the most fundamental American right—casting a ballot.

We simply couldn’t do this work without committed supporters and members like you by our side .
Thank you so much for standing with us in Making Democracy Work®.


Wylecia Wiggs Harris
Wylecia Wiggs Harris