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2020 Elections

General Election Day is Tuesday November 3, 2020


Boulder County Election Information is available here

Read the Boulder County Election Security Report

In Colorado e
ligible voters can register and vote on the same day

Eligibility requirements are listed here

Consolidated ballot for Boulder County contains all issues and the candidates for all districts. 
To view your own ballot, use

Our Ballot Issues information will be posted by September 30.

Virtual Ballot Issues presentations are coming soon!
See the Events Calendar for information on how to join live and ask your questions.
Recordings will be posted here or on the LWVBC YouTube channel.
Contact: Peggy Leech

City of Boulder
  Ballot Issue 2B -  No Eviction Without Representation
  Ballot Question 2C - Public Service Company Franchise
  Ballot Question 2D - Repurpose the Utility Occupation Tax
  Ballot Question 2E - Charter Amendments Related to Direct Election of the Mayor
  Ballot Question 2F - Charter Amendment Related to the Boulder Arts Commission-  

City of Longmont
  Ballot Question 3C - Revenue Bonds for Funding Water System Improvements
  Ballot Question 3D - Charter Amendment to Allow for 30 Year Leases

City of Louisville
  Ballot Issue 2A - [Disposable Bag Tax]