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Colorado Ballot Issue - November 6, 2018
It’s Time to End Gerrymandering

For too long, political district maps in Colorado have been drawn-up behind closed doors, in a process that puts partisanship over the best interests of Colorado communities. Gerrymandering often results in voter disenfranchisement: dividing communities by race, ethnicity, income, or political party affiliation to pre-determine election outcomes.

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In November 2018, Colorado can end gerrymandering and create a fair, independent district mapping process!

Your mid-term election ballot will include Amendments Y and Z, created by LWV and other non-partisan organizations, to establish a fair district mapping process for Colorado. The amendments were referred to the ballot by a unanimous vote of the Colorado State Legislature.

Voting YES on Amendments Y&Z will:

  • Remove lobbyists and politicians from unfairly influencing district mapping lines;
  • Guarantee that meeting and records about redistricting will be available to the public for comments; and
  • Prohibit maps from being drawn based on race, ethnicity or other demographics.

    For more information:

    Take Action:

  • Attend an informational event on redistricting, or invite LWV to present to your organization or neighborhood group. Check the LWVBC Events Calendar for upcoming events.
  • Host a house party, to call or send postcards to friends and family members in Colorado, encouraging them to support fair district mapping by voting yes on Y&Z. Request our printed postcards by emailing Peggy Leech
  • Volunteer for LWV voter registration and information tabling at Boulder County events this fall.
  • Help our social media team spread the word about fair mapping, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.