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While the Natural Resources Team is not active at this time, any League member who is interested in natural resource issues is invited to contact the LWVBC president about re-activating the Team for the purpose of study, observation of public meetings, or engaging in a particular project or event.

Climate Change

In March 2016 we co-sponsored a panel discussion titled Climate Change - Addressing the Challenges. Panelists addressed (1) the significance of the UN Climate Summit, (2) Colorado's efforts to manage climate change vulnerabilities, and (3) Advances in renewable energy technologies. Panelists were

• Dr. Max Boykoff, Associate Professor, Center for Science and Technology Policy, University of Colorado-Boulder (Attended the UN Climate Summit)

• Dr. Dennis Ojima, Professor and Senior Research Scientist, Colorado State University, and Lead Editor, Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study

• Taryn Finnessey, Climate Change Risk Management Specialist, State of Colorado Department of Natural Resources

• Dr. Chuck Kutscher, Director of the Buildings and Thermal Systems Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

The LWVUS Toolkit for Climate Action includes information on relevant law, states' and federal initiatives, guidance for advocacy on the issue, and more.


Environmental issues and comprehensive planning in Boulder County were our League's focus in the 1980s and 1990s, when League members saw growth threatening our county's natural beauty. Many of our earlier publications are still in demand. 

Completed in 1999, Will "Success" Spoil Boulder County? gives an overview of growth management and regional planning that still goes on today.