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International Relations Team

International Relations Team BadgeOur Focus

The team informs Boulder County LWV members about national LWV educational updates and calls to action.

Beyond that, the Boulder County League's IR team is not active this year. But anyone who is interested in this area may re-activate it. Write to

Nationally, LWV focuses on five areas of International Relations:

International Trade
United Nations
U.S. Relations With Developing Countries
Arms Control
Military Policy and Defense Spending

LWV at the United Nations

The LWV has official NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) status at the United Nations and is represented by two official UN Observers. Among other duties, the League's UN Observers update LWV members and the public through the year about UN activities.

In 1945, at the UN Charter Conference, the League of Women Voters was invited by President Harry Truman to serve as a consultant to the U.S. delegation.

Since that time, the League has continued its presence at the United Nations through its one official and two alternate observers.

In July 1997, the League was granted Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which provides the opportunity to make interventions on issues the League supports.

Consultative status allows the League to make formal oral or written statements to the UN, and be consulted by the UN in areas which the League has expertise.


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