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Survey Response - Preamble
Welcome League Members ! and Thank You for participating in the LWVCO Technology: Tools and Resources Survey. 

Rionda Osman, Judy Beerbaum, Toni Larson, Andrea Mitchell, Cath Perrone, and Beth Sale have been appointed to the Association Management System Task Force.  We have been asked to collect information about how we use technology to help us do our work. 

We'll be contacting you to talk about how your League works.   This online survey asks about tools and resources.  

Although experienced Leaguers will have much insight into the way all the local Leagues and the state office operate, doing this work will allow all of us to share a common base.  From that common understanding, we can help our Leagues and our members do the real work that drives us. 

As you work through the questions, give a response to each question.  Type "NA" if the question does not apply to your area of expertise.  Please make comments.  If you have additional information or materials that would help us understand how you work and what you need, please share them with us (