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Letter-Writing Campaign

It may seem old-fashioned, but we believe that letters to the editor, letters to elected officials, and other communications have impact.  Our MiP Project colleagues have shared the following items with us: 

Jane Everham of Larimer County: 
Letter to the Editor, Coloradan, 1Jun2017

Rionda Osman of Boulder County:
Letter to the Editor, Times-Call, 25 June 2017
   (also in the Daily Camera, 28 June 2017)

Shirley Jin of Boulder County: 
Letter to the Editor, Daily Camera, 29Jun2017

Shirley Jin of Boulder County:
Commentary on "Democracy in Chains", Daily Camera 5Aug2017

Campaign Finance in Colorado

You'll find information about the state rules and regulations (and much more) at the Secretary of State's website: 

          Elections - Secretary of State

An example of the resources available on the website of the Secretary of State is TRACER – the campaign finance disclosure website.  Click the link below to see an example of a TRACER report: 

          TRACER - Major Contributions 2016

As part of the MiP Campaign, we are assembling information about the municipal and county levels of government.  For the most part, counties in Colorado follow the same rules as the State.  Those regulations and other resources can be found at the website below: 

          Laws, Rules and Resources - Secretary of State

Home-rule municipalities (and 4 counties) have more flexibility to control their campaign and election regulations.  Click the link below to open a PDF version of the list of home-rule municipalities:

          Colorado Home Rule Municipalities

To learn more about the Colorado Municipal League, click the link below to open a PDF version of an overview presentation: 

          Overview of Colorado Municipal Home Rule

MiP Survey Results 1Sep2017

Volunteers from the League of Women Voters surveyed 29 municipalities to learn what campaign finance laws are in effect in Colorado.   As predicted, most cities follow state law, although there are some specific variations.  This report includes the map of geographic distribution of reported municipalities.  The survey questions are listed, and the responses for each municipality are included.